With Prothious, you gain several crucial advantages that will put you ahead of the competition.

Lower Detailing, Design, Drafting & Drawing Costs and Win More Business
Prothious provides a wealth of resources with over 1,500 qualified and experienced engineers, detailers and estimators. Our size creates economies of scale that allow our clients to produce more competitive bids. Additionally, our overseas structure delivers flexibility and extremely competitive pricing while providing some of the best drawings in the industry (as our clients continuously tell us).

Take Advantage of Our Unique Design Expertise and Win Design-Assist/Design-Construct Projects
Prothious is a large design and detailing firm with extensive expertise in a variety of disciplines including architecture, SE, MEP and civil engineering. Additionally, we posses in-depth knowledge in steel, rebar, reinforced concrete, steel reinforcement, precast, steel deck and numerous other project types. This extra edge allows you to win jobs by offering extended services to your clients.

Gain Competitive Advantages with Our Large Resources
With Prothious as a partner – we have over 1,500 engineers and multiple daily shifts for coverage up to 16 hours per day – Material Contractors never suffer a shortage of people or resources. Additionally, our large scope lends credibility to bids because EPC, CMs, Owners and GC firms understand that Prothious can get the job done quickly, reliably and accurately.

Faster Job Completion = Faster & More Revenue
Harnessing the experience and expertise of over 1,000 engineers, Prothious eradicates typical design and detailing bottlenecks, thus enabling Material Contractors to complete current projects sooner and pursue more jobs. Additionally, clients can use Prothious to run parallel jobs to generate the most efficient and time-saving routes to project completion.

Utilize our Resources and Expand Your Capacity
We can work as subcontractors as well as provide on-site resources, and our staff of over 1,500 engineers works multiple daily shifts for coverage up to 16 hours per day. Furthermore, for all areas of fabrication (commercial, industrial, large, small, rushed), we allow our clients to not only take on more volume work, but to take on more challenging work: power plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, cement plants, oil and gas exploration and civil infrastructure projects.

Leverage Our Services and Redeploy Internal Staff
As our clients utilize our services for structural detailing, connection design, change order tracking, trade coordination, revision management, document control, RFI follow-up, etc., they free-up their internal staff to concentrate on more strategic, mission-critical assignments.

Lower Your Cost Structure
With Prothious, Material Contractors are not compelled to hire extra personnel during busy seasons or when they win multiple projects. Our expert services are a fraction of the price of local engineering services and our resources are available anytime throughout the year.

Rely on Our Accuracy and Eliminate Costly Errors
We consistently deliver better, more accurate and more complete drawings. With fewer errors in detailing and estimation and with clearer placement, fabrication and erection drawings, construction proceeds much faster. Additionally, we leverage our team’s knowledge and sophisticated skills to catch engineering, fabrication and construction problems that can add up to thousands of dollars and irreplaceable lost time.

Finish On-Schedule and Increase Productivity
Due to our size and in-depth expertise, Material Contractors can accelerate procurement, avoid expensive overtime, acquire materials at lower costs and eliminate expedited material transportation. The results are fewer punitive damages and no unquantifiable injuries to reputations and customer relationships.


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