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Engineering Capabilities

Prothious offers in-depth, multi-disciplinary capabilities in a variety of engineering fields including: civil, electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, piping and structural. Furthermore, through decades of experience, we provide extensive expertise in design, detailed engineering, detailing and shop drawings, 2D drawing conversions, intelligent 3D plant modeling (SmartPlant), as-built engineering, tower design, substation design and project and construction management.

Electrical Engineering Services

With extensive electrical engineering expertise, we can evaluate power system requirements and current system capacity while designing effective engineering solutions with proper electric distribution equipment. Our services deliver on-line safety and efficiency in accordance with IEC, IEEE, NEC, NEMA, BS IS and other international standards.

Additionally, we provide design and detailed engineering for various types of electrical systems used in compressor buildings, condensate units, control rooms, cooling tower systems, gathering stations, fire water pump process areas, flare areas, pig launcher stations, station buildings, shipping stations, slug catcher areas, substations, tank farm areas and utility areas.

Our offerings also include:

  • As-built project drawings/documentation
  • Attending SAFOP/HAZOP meetings
  • Bills of Quantity for bulk materials
  • Cable routing/earthing layouts
  • Cable tray/trench layouts
  • Designing supply change over schemes for incoming and outgoing feeder control schemes
  • Electrical data input for packaged equipments
  • Interface activities with civil/machinery/instrumentation
  • Lighting (indoor/outdoor) layouts
  • Lightning protection layouts
  • Load flow studies
  • Power and control cable schedules and cable drum schedules
  • Preparation of construction scope of work and answers for bidder technical queries
  • Preparation of interconnection diagrams between various equipment
  • Requisitions/specifications for HV/LV switchgear, motor control centre, MV/LV motors, power/distribution transformers, lighting/small power distribution boards, AC/DC UPS, lighting fixtures, power/control cables, cable trays, earthing materials, etc.
  • Review of vendor bids and providing technical bid analysis
  • Review of vendor drawings and providing approvals for manufacturing
  • SCADA I/O list
  • Selection of AC/DC UPS
  • Selection of electrical equipment in hazardous area
  • Selection of feeder/motor/transformer protection relays
  • Selection of HV/LV switchgear, motor control centers
  • Selection of power/distribution transformers
  • Standard installation drawings for power systems, earthing systems, lighting systems, cable tray/ladders, etc.
  • Switchgear/MCC room/battery room layouts
  • Switchyard/transformer layouts

Project Management and On-Site Resources

For both large and small jobs, Prothious can deliver resources and immediate customer service around the globe.

For some projects, we offer resources for secondment or the on-site placement of a Prothious architect, draftsman, engineer, detailer, designer or project manager. These resources can provide on-site engineering and technical capabilities, coordinate with other trades, organize contractors, interact with architects and engineers, orchestrate procurement, manage and track revisions and help with shop scheduling and field coordination.

Our Team

The team at Prothious has pioneered the overseas engineering business since its inception in the mid-1990s. Within the lifetime of this industry, our accomplished engineers and staff members have worked on an expansive range of projects, from unique and complex to large and industrial, have completed more work than the competition and have successfully executed the most sought-after jobs.

Beyond talented professionals, however, Prothious continually develops innovative systems and a collaborative culture to ensure our competitive edge. Our internal systems and processes enable our talent to produce timely, accurate work on a consistent basis. Additionally, we maintain an open, productive culture that keeps all team members in the information loop.

We are acutely responsive to client needs, ask the right questions at the right time, and facilitate smooth communication flow throughout an entire project. Ultimately, our unique culture and internal systems allow us to deliver a consistent, on time, high-quality product for every project

Please contact us to learn more about our unique approach, our wide range of services and how we can help you reduce costs and increase revenue.

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