With Prothious, Design-Build Firms gain several crucial advantages that will put them ahead of the competition.


Reduce Revisions & RFIs and Shorten the Construction Schedule
To reduce revisions and RFIs and shorten construction schedules, Prothious provides Design-Build firms with structural engineering and detailing services during the project design phase. With this approach we quickly discover design, constructability and trade conflict issues that would otherwise surface later in the construction cycle, after subcontractors have been selected and when revisions are most costly.

Award Jobs Faster and Complete Construction Sooner
Prothious prevents typical schedule delays and their subsequent costs by supplying exact material quantities and shop and fabrication drawings prior to bids. As a result, we enable Design-Build firms to award jobs faster and eliminate RFIs, uncertainties and questions. Because fabrication and construction drawings are ready at the time of bid, winning contractors also can procure and fabricate materials and complete construction much sooner.

Coordinate Between Material Contractors and Expedite Projects
We provide our clients with better coordination for the entire scope of their jobs and help them move to the next project phase sooner. When Design-Build firms utilize our services simultaneously, they can start drawings sooner and finish jobs earlier.


Reduce Revisions and Shrink Project Costs
Change orders created by drawing revisions can represent 15%-20% of total construction costs and are the financial responsibility of Design-Build firms. Prothious can significantly reduce these costs, however, by providing detailing services during the design phase of the project, thereby expediting design completion.

Provide Exact Material Quantities and Decrease Costs
By hiring Prothious during the design phase, Design-Build firms can provide each potential contractor with material take-offs, exact material quantities and construction drawings to determine necessary material and labor costs prior to sending a job out for bid. Prospective contractors then do not need to estimate or add allowances and detailing costs to their bids.

Complete Projects On-Time and Under Budget
Prothious ensures on-time job completion as we prevent delays due to revisions, late information, RFIs and poorly designed or detailed projects. Also, packaging fabrication and construction drawings from one provider allows Design-Build firms to efficiently coordinate between different trades.


Faster Jobs Mean Faster Revenue
Utilizing the expertise of over 1,500 engineers and architects, Prothious enables Design-Build firms to complete current projects sooner and pursue more jobs. Additionally, clients can use Prothious to run parallel jobs, thus generating the most efficient and time-saving routes to project completion.

Supplement Resources and Expand Capacity
With Prothious as a partner – we have over 1,500 engineers and architects and multiple daily shifts for coverage up to 16 hours per day – Design-Build firms never suffer a shortage of people or resources. Prothious’ breadth of design, structural engineering, detailing, construction and fabrication drawing and estimating services not only supplies resources that may not be available in-house, it provides the ability to redeploy internal resources to new projects.

Increase Competitive Advantages and Grow Your Business
Shorter schedules and lower construction costs are powerful advantages in the Design-Build industry. We help our clients achieve these enterprise-wide benefits every time, with every project, through our experience, expertise and vast resources. As Design-Build firms combine this breadth of knowledge with fast, accurate work and a lower overseas cost structure, they acquire significant competitive advantages.

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