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With Prothious, Contractors and Builders gain several crucial advantages that will put them ahead of the competition.


Finish Jobs Faster and Take On More Business
Our large teams and multiple daily shifts result in better, faster drawings that help clients finish jobs sooner, assume larger projects and take on more work. Additionally, clients can use Prothious to run parallel jobs, thus generating the most efficient and time-saving routes to project completion.

Get Services From a Single Vendor and Save Time
We make our clients more efficient by packaging engineering services within the construction cycle and throughout several disciplines. Prothious is a one-stop-shop for design, detailing, drawing and estimating services as well as drawing, project and construction management.

Rely on Our Accuracy and Eliminate Delays Created by Mistakes
Because we consistently deliver better, more accurate and more complete drawings, our clients avoid costly delays caused by mistakes. We leverage our team’s knowledge and sophisticated skills to catch engineering, fabrication and construction problems that can add up to thousands of dollars and irreplaceable lost time.



Utilize Our Resources and Gain a Tremendous Edge
From jobs that require significant tonnage to intricately complex projects, Prothious has the expertise and sheer manpower to get the job done quickly and accurately. We can work as subcontractors as well as provide on-site resources, and our staff works multiple daily shifts for coverage up to 16 hours per day. Whether the requirement is to handle work overflow remotely or to execute a specific skilled assignment at a job site, we can make bandwidth constraints simply disappear.

Add Detailing and Construction Drawing to the Offering and Increase Your Competitive Advantage
Contractors and Builders often can achieve more success if they offer more services. With this in mind, Prothious enables Contractors and Builders to add fabrication and construction drawings to their offering. As a result, our clients can further differentiate themselves in the market by delivering lower costs and shorter schedules, which can be crucial in a low-bid environment.

Leverage Our Services and Redeploy Internal Staff
Prothious is extremely efficient at handling drawing, project and construction management tasks that are core elements of a Contractor or Builder’s service offering. As our clients utilize our services for these jobs (change order tracking, trade coordination, revision management, document control, RFI follow-up, etc.), they free-up their internal staff to concentrate on more strategic, mission-critical assignments and more efficient project management.


Finish On-Schedule and Reduce Costly Penalties
Due to our size and in-depth expertise, we can produce fabrication and construction drawings for almost any structural element of a project. Thus, our clients can complete these job components and present them to subcontractors before awarding a job. This allows subcontractors to accelerate procurement, fabrication and construction and to schedule effectively, avoid expensive overtime, acquire materials at lower costs and eliminate expedited material transportation.

Lower Detailing, Design, Drafting & Drawing Costs and Win More Business
When Contractors and Builders reduce detailing and design costs, they can submit better bids to win more projects. Prothious creates these advantages for Contractors and Builders through economies of scale that allow our clients to produce more competitive bids. With Prothious as a cost-saving partner, Contractors and Builders put together better bid packages that quite simply win more jobs.

Lower Your Cost Structure
With Prothious, Contractors and Builders are not compelled to hire extra personnel during busy seasons or when they win multiple projects. Our expert services are a fraction of the price of local engineering services and our resources are available anytime throughout the year. Furthermore, because our expert staff members are based overseas, we can provide a wider range of services at lower prices without sacrificing any measure of quality.


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