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From resolving constructability problems to correcting conflicts with architectural drawings, our immense collective experience helps us develop design and detailing strategies that minimize costs and shorten construction schedules. And our strengths complement each other – we are better designers because of our detailing expertise, and we are better detailers because of our design expertise. As we apply this knowledge to various jobs, our clients reduce costs and gain better visibility into their projects with fewer iterations and less wasted time. Ultimately, Prothious’ design and detailing strengths can become a critical asset to a Contractor or Builder’s effectiveness.


Providing engineering services requires much more than just a fundamental understanding of civil and structural engineering textbooks. It requires a team that understands the entire process – from estimating to detailing to erecting – and how each element correlates with the next in the real world. It requires experienced professionals whose knowledge extends beyond the mere use of specific software applications. In this vein, Prothious has some of the most qualified and experienced engineers, detailers and estimators in the industry. Our professionals have worked at construction sites, in fabrication facilities, on the shop floor, with erectors, in project management teams and at detailing companies. Our teams have worked with numerous standards (AISC, CRSI, SJI, SDI and PTI) on hundreds of projects comprising tens of thousands of tons of product. At Prothious, we thoroughly understand construction and what it takes to successfully execute a project.


Prothious has forged numerous genuine and long-standing relationships throughout the globe. We have worked on some of the largest, highest profile and most well-regarded projects across six continents. Additionally, many of our clients are leaders in the EPC, Design-Build, AEC, Material Fabrication and Construction industries. We have achieved this status because our clients trust our work and customer service; many industry-leading firms view Prothious as a seamless extension of their team. Beyond specific engineering projects, however, we also have helped many clients revamp their business model so they can drive their business towards extraordinary opportunities. Through our strong alliances and by working intimately with our clients, we ensure successful partnerships that generate remarkable results.


By consistently delivering accurate drawings of the highest quality, Prothious has become a trusted and reliable resource to the industry. Our client list and references, combined with the longevity of our relationships, are a testament to our high standards and ability to execute. Because of our commitment to quality, many clients rely on us for all of their engineering and detailing needs, for up to tens of thousands of tons of work per year. To further substantiate the high standards we pursue, our projects have received multiple industry awards for quality.


Regardless of our client’s requirements, we can assess the task and execute it successfully. Prothious covers nearly every field of design and structural engineering, including steel, rebar, post-tensioning, joist, deck, industrial ductwork, connection design, grading, pre-engineered building, masonry and concrete, just to name a few. Our breadth of knowledge enables us to answer almost any question or fix any complication, especially for projects that require multiple materials and construction strategies. Because our engineering experience is broad across different fields, we are in a unique position to help clients manage projects better, shorten schedules and execute jobs smoother.


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