With Prothious, Consulting Engineers gain several crucial advantages that will put them ahead of the competition.

Supplement Your Resources and Expand Capacity
Prothious provides a wealth of resources with over 1,500 qualified and experienced engineers, detailers and estimators. Our size creates economies of scale that allow our clients to produce more competitive bids. Additionally, our overseas structure delivers flexibility and extremely competitive pricing while providing some of the best drawings in the industry (as our clients continuously tell us).

Faster Job Completion = Faster & More Revenue
Our design, engineering and detailing services deliver speed and accuracy to any type of project. As a result, schedules become shorter and Consulting Engineering firms exceed their clients’ expectations, receive revenue faster and obtain more business because of our services.

Increase Your Competitive Advantage and Grow Your Business
Shorter schedules and lower construction costs are powerful advantages in the engineering industry. We can help our clients achieve these enterprise-wide benefits every time, with every project, through our experience, expertise and vast resources. As Consulting Engineering firms combine our breadth of knowledge with fast, accurate work and a lower overseas cost structure, they acquire significant competitive advantages.


Delegate Engineering Tasks and Gain a Tremendous Edge
Consulting Engineering firms can gain a tremendous edge when they utilize Prothious’ services for concept or schematic design, analysis, optimization, design development, construction documents, fabrication drawings and construction administration. As Prothious manages these elements of the engineering cycle, our clients can effectively segment and delegate projects for shorter schedules and reduced costs to win more projects and more profitable jobs.

Leverage Our Services and Redeploy Internal Staff
Prothious is extremely efficient at handling design, drawing, project and construction management tasks that are core elements of an engineering firm’s service offering. As our clients utilize our services for these jobs (fabrication or detail drawing, connection design, change order tracking, trade coordination, revision management, document control, RFI follow-up, etc.) they free-up their internal staff to concentrate on more strategic, mission-critical assignments, such as design tasks.

Outsource Shop, Fabrication & Construction Drawing Production, Review and Management
Prothious gives Consulting Engineering firms the ability to outsource shop, fabrication and construction drawing production, review and management. These services typically consume significant resources and billable hours and represent tedious, but required, project elements for engineering firms.


Add Fabrication and Shop Drawings For a More Complete Offering
Prothious enables engineering firms to add fabrication and shop drawings to their offering. Our clients then can take control of a critical component of the construction cycle. They can execute the creation of these drawings earlier, instead of letting it occur later, and can avoid the delays and backlogs that arise when detailing is managed two or three levels below.

Use Our 3D BIM Modeling to Speed Construction & Reduce Costs
Design conflicts, missing information, design errors, constructability issues and fabrication problems typically don’t arise until the beginning of fabrication and shop drawings. With Prothious, engineering firms can build detailed engineering models in a 3D environment earlier in the process, before the construction phase has begun. Consequently, fewer RFIs, change orders and revisions are required and fabrication and construction experience fewer delays.

Onsite Construction Administration & Management Services
Prothious provides experienced onsite engineers, inspection coordinators, quality control engineers and cost estimators. These onsite resources deliver a wide range of valuable benefits: immediate answers to field questions, real-time field condition assessments, expedient coordination between trades, quality maintenance, preservation of design specifications and control of budgetary concerns. With Prothious’ onsite resources, engineering firms gain better visibility into the construction site and ensure a successful, timely project outcome

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