steel detailing
steel detailing

With Prothious, EPC and Design Firms gain several crucial advantages that will put them ahead of the competition.


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Leverage Our Services and Redeploy Internal Staff
As our clients utilize our services, they free-up their internal staff to concentrate on more strategic, mission-critical assignments. These resource enhancements allow our EPC clients to focus on different projects internally, obtain more jobs and ultimately grow their business.

Outsource Shop, Fabrication & Construction Drawing Production, Review and Management
Prothious gives EPC firms the ability to outsource shop, fabrication and construction drawing production, review and management. We provide tight control over revisions, mistakes, corrections, RFIs and drawing approvals. As Prothious manages all of this on behalf of its clients, EPC firms can focus on other, more strategic components of the project.

Utilize Our Resources and Gain a Tremendous Edge
With Prothious as a partner, EPC firms eliminate constraints created by limited resources. We can work as subcontractors as well as provide on-site resources and secondment, and our staff works multiple daily shifts for coverage up to 16 hours per day.


Finish Jobs Faster and Take On More Business
EPC firms utilize our engineering resources to speed construction. Our large teams and multiple daily shifts result in better, faster drawings that help clients finish jobs sooner, assume larger projects and take on more work. Additionally, clients can use Prothious to run parallel jobs, thus generating the most efficient and time-saving routes to project completion.

Get Services From a Single Vendor and Save Time
We make our clients more efficient by packaging engineering services within the construction cycle and throughout several disciplines. When EPC firms utilize our services simultaneously, they can start drawings sooner and finish jobs earlier.

Use Our 3D Plant Modeling to Speed Construction & Reduce Costs
Design conflicts, missing information, design errors, constructability issues and fabrication problems typically don’t arise until the beginning of fabrication and shop drawings. With Prothious, engineering firms can build detailed engineering models in a 3D environment earlier in the process, before the construction phase has begun. Consequently, fewer RFIs, change orders and revisions are required. 



Finish On-Schedule and Reduce Costly Penalties
We can take on different design elements and produce design, fabrication and construction drawings for almost any project. Thus, our EPC clients can complete these job components and present them to subcontractors before awarding a job. This allows subcontractors to accelerate plant design, procurement, fabrication and construction and to schedule effectively, avoid expensive overtime, acquire materials at lower costs and eliminate expedited material transportation.

Reduce Revisions and Shrink Project Costs
Change orders created by drawing revisions can represent a significant portion of total construction costs and are the financial responsibility of EPC firms. Prothious can significantly reduce these costs, however, by expediting design completion and providing completed fabrication and construction drawings before a subcontractor is hired.

Lower Your Cost Structure
With Prothious, EPC firms are not compelled to hire extra personnel during busy periods or when they win multiple projects. Our expert services are a fraction of the price of local engineering services and our resources are available anytime throughout the year.


Supplement Resources and Expand Capacity
Constrained capacity can severely limit an EPC firm’s growth. With Prothious as a partner – we have over 1,500 engineers and architects and multiple daily shifts for coverage up to 16 hours per day – EPC firms never suffer a shortage of people or resources.

Faster Jobs Mean Faster Revenue
Our design, engineering and detailing services deliver speed and accuracy to any type of project. Utilizing the expertise of over 1,500 engineers and architects, Prothious enables EPC firms to complete current projects sooner and pursue more jobs.

Increase Your Competitive Advantage and Grow Your Business
Shorter schedules and lower construction costs are powerful advantages in the engineering industry. We can help our clients achieve these enterprise-wide benefits with every project through our experience, expertise and vast resources. As EPC firms combine this breadth of knowledge with fast, accurate work and a lower overseas cost structure, they acquire significant competitive advantages.


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