With Prothious, Owner/Operators gain several crucial advantages that will put them ahead of the competition.


Finish Jobs Faster and Utilize Structures Sooner
Our large teams and in-depth expertise help speed construction as we minimize scheduling delays, avoid drawing conflicts and provide better estimating services. Consequently, Owners/Operators finish jobs more quickly and open facilities sooner. Additionally, Owners/Operators profit when we run parallel jobs and thereby generate the most efficient and time-saving routes to project completion.


Finish On-Schedule and Avoid Costly Delays
Due to our size and in-depth expertise, we can deliver superior estimating, change management and 3D BIM services for almost any element of a project. Thus, Owners/Operators meet tight deadlines and receive substantial benefits as we validate data, accelerate procurement and construction, avoid expensive overtime, acquire materials at lower costs and eliminate expedited material transportation.

Lower Your Cost Structure
Because our expert staff members are based overseas, we can provide a wider range of services at lower prices – often at a fraction of the price of typical local providers – without sacrificing any measure of quality.


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